Pythium Is Prevalent. Fast. Unpredictable. Stop It Now.

"In a given field, you can have up to 8 different species of Pythium. And all can have a different temperature profile, so you always have a species that can infect the plant."

Dr. Anne Dorrance, Ohio State University

Pythium is Prevalent in almost all cultivated soils.

Pythium remains dormant in the soil across nearly all soybean geographies in the U.S.

  • Active season long in soils 32 – 85° F
  • Causes seedling and root rot, leading to pre- and postemergence damping-off
  • Infected seedlings have water-soaked lesions on the hypocotyl or cotyledons that develop into brown, soft rot

Pythium is Fast

Pythium strikes before growers finish planting.

Pythium Fast Icon

90 Minutes

Pythium species act extremely fast and begin attacking the host soybean plant within 90 minutes of planting.

Stanghellini ME and Hancock JG, 1971a.

Pythium is Unpredictable

A diverse set of Pythium species exist, with temperature and environmental conditions triggering which species attack.

Oomecyte Species Diversity

Pythium Isolates Recoverd Chart

2011 Multi-State Survey: Soybeans

Source: Extension Network Team for USDA-NIFA Project 2011-68004-30104.